Falmouth High School Baseball


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Congrats on a Great Season!

Congratulations to our Seniors who received Awards this week:
Jake Alpren:
Cum Laude Honors
Reece Armitage: Stadden Sportsmanship Award
Robbie Armitage: ​Randall and Mcallister Award
Colin Coyne: ​Alexander Skilling Award
Max Fortier: Stadden Sportsmanship Award,
​Cum Laude Honors
Cam Guarino: Stadden Sportsmanship Award, National Honor Society cord, Magna Cum Laude Honors Cord, Gatorade Player of the Year
Congratulations Raffle Winners!

 Each prize is worth $25.00
Sundays  are $50.00

1-Tammy Laidlaw
2-Andrea Burton
3-Christina Boey
4-Khara Lobao
5-Maxine Leiberman
6-Jay Curran
7-Sadia Hinchey- $50.00
8-Nina’s Variety
9-Justin Rogers
10-Diane Bickford
11-Lisa Gilbert
12-Sean Allen
13- Mark Randal
14- Willy Graiver-$50.00
15-Janet Blum
16- Jennifer Vasconcelos
17-Lori Coffin
18-Kathy Martin
19-Stacey Ryan
20- Chris Rogers
21-Cindy Wilson- $50.00 winner
22-Steve Dogson
23-JJ Rouhana
24-Liza Rogers
25-Devan Noble
26-Stefan Andrew
27- Becky Dilworth
28- David Chamberlain- $50.00 winner
29- Miriam Nelson
30- Andrew Langdon
31- Chuck Graceffs

Top Seller Nate Rogers -$100.00
Josh Lefevre -$50.00

Community Service

Community Service Highlights from 2017

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Falmouth High School Baseball is Class A located in Falmouth, Maine and is under the direction and leadership of Kevin Winship.  The team won the State Championship in 2012 and in 2016 played for the State Championship and had an undefeated regular season.
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Cam Guarino - MaxPreps Athlete of the Month
Cam Guarino - MaxPreps Ceremony