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Consistency, Determination and Perseverance with Anthony Galli
by Falmouth Baseball on May 14th, 2015

What was the process of being recruited​?
The recruiting process for me was a little different, when I was in high school the idea of travel baseball was new and on a smaller scale in New England, fortunately I had my chance to play on a team based out of Florida that drew kids from different parts of the country. I played on a travel team called the South Florida Bandits for two summers and really sacrificed a lot of my own time to travel around the country and play in different showcases. Eventually, I got a scholarship to the University of Northern Iowa where I started my baseball career. Most people that know me are well aware that the story didn't stop here as the program was cut. I transferred to a junior college in Florida and start the recruiting process all over again. There were a lot of great opportunities to be recruited in junior college playing with some of the best talent I had seen at any of the three schools I had played ball at. Eventually, that led me Illinois State University where i finished my baseball career.

How has it been to be a student athlete?
​Being a student-athlete in general is nothing easy, it comes with a lot of sacrifice and a big understanding of what is expected of you every day. At the division I level you are on a 5 AM to 5 PM schedule (or beyond) that can definitely be stressful at times, but there is no way that I would have traded any of those experiences in for anything in the world. The team, mentoring and learning experiences that I gained from all of my schools really helped develop me as an individual that prepared me for the rest of life.

What is your proudest moment playing baseball?
The one thing that I regret about my baseball career is that I never had the chance to be a part of a four year program to really see us develop as a team and accomplish major milestones like other schools and players did. However, I will say that I am most proud of my ability to roll with all of the obstacles that stood before me and continue to chase my baseball career. Many successful people never reach their ultimate goal without experiencing some sort of hardship and persevering through those times. I may have not reached my ultimate goal of having a chance to play professional baseball, but because of the experiences I know have the confidence, determination and perseverance to succeed in my future goals.

What are you doing after graduation?
After graduating from the University of Southern Maine I will be pursuing a career in wealth management while continuing to coach in the Portland area. Both of these areas are really important to me and I am in a great situation where I will be able to do both.

What did you major in and why?
I majored in finance because the field interests me most but also because I knew the career I wanted to pursue would allow me to focus on areas that I knew I was good at. My baseball experiences have given me great leadership, relationship building and self-development skills that I think are perfect for me in this field. Student-athletes are highly recruited out of college for potential careers because of the skills they develop from their respective sports and I really encourage younger guys/girls to focus on highlighting these areas when it is that time for them to apply.
What are you doing to help players in our community?​
I currently am giving private hitting lessons at Maine Hits in Scarborough working with players of all ages. To me this is one of the best things that I can do with my baseball knowledge that I have gained over the years, the game has changed a lot in recent history and at my age I feel like I can relate to players extremely well to pass this knowledge on to them.

Do you have any some advice for high schoolers looking to play at the next level?
My advice to young players who are pursuing a baseball career beyond high school is to understand that it does not come easy, nothing good in life comes easy. I have seen so many players disappointed at the end of their senior year because they did not get an offer to play baseball past high school, or an offer at a school they wanted to play at, when the reality of it is they just didn't work hard enough. If you think you are working hard, work five times harder than that because you never know who is outworking you for the spot you want. Finally, be proactive in the recruiting process; Maine is blip on the radar in the recruiting world and if you aren't continuously reaching out to coaches or putting yourselves in good situations to be seen then you may be looked over. Maine has a lot of great baseball talent but I will be the first one to tell you that there is TONS of talent all over the country so as Maine kids we have to work much harder to be seen. Work hard, be proactive, reach out to coaches and get in front of the right people and you will get your shot somewhere.

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